Before you consider applying for a position, you will need to read this page and ensure you agree with the rules relevant to you.

Global Rules

  • No swearing, or racial/homophobic/sexist slurs ANYWHERE, OF ANY KIND.
  • No controversial imagery. This means no Nazi iconography, unless properly justified, such as in a historical context.
  • No threats of violence/incitements to violence AT ALL.
  • Do not harass other contributors.
  • No doxing anyone, either on site or offsite.
  • This is not a safe space. Other people on this site may disagree with you for a variety of reasons. As long as they do not stray from the ethos of the site, they are permitted to say whatever they want.
  • For privacy reasons, use of your real name or photo is prohibited.


  • Ensure your work is well-written, well-edited, correctly spelt and well-sourced.
  • All articles should include a large, high-quality image that you are free to reuse.
  • Don’t plagiarize other pieces of work. All quotes should be properly sourced and credit given.
  • ‘Attack articles’ are not allowed unless they are legitimate political commentary.
  • Don’t write masses of articles on one subject. Mix it up a bit.
  • Conspiracy theory articles will not be allowed unless you have done an excellent amount of research and not cut any corners. If it doesn’t convince me, it’s not going on the site.
  • Don’t write an article on a subject that already has an article, unless it’s radically different.
  • Holocaust denial, and any form of genocide denial, is out. Pseudohistory is not welcome here. You don’t have to write articles about the holocaust if you don’t want to.
  • You will be asked for one article a week. You may not submit more than one a week. If you will be unable to submit for a period of time, you must notify the Admin.


  • Translations should be thorough and accurate. You are responsible for this site gaining prominence outside the English-speaking world.
  • Insert a footnote at the end of every article giving credit to the original author.
  • Tag every translated article with the language it has been translated into. The language’s name should be given in its original language e.g. Deutsch instead of German, Español instead of Spanish.
  • There is no set number of articles you need to translate every week – you can work at your own pace.

Social Media Operators

  • Your job is to publicize the site. Don’t get overly political.
  • Debating others on social media is fine, but don’t use personal insults when doing so.
  • Don’t post anything that will damage your reputation, another contributor’s reputation, or the reputation of the site.
  • Update regularly – no less than one post a day. If you have to stop updating for a period of time, you must notify the Admin and post this to your account on whatever social media you use.

Graphic Designers

  • You will be ‘on hand’, processing requests from other contributors. You are under no obligation to fulfil any request, but low quality contributions will not be tolerated.
  • With regards to adding your own personal promotions to your work – you may do this when you release your work outside of the site, but any work submitted for use on the site must be promotion-free, with the exception of a pseudonym indication which artist made the work.
  • If you want to make content that you feel is worthy of its own post, such as a political cartoon, contact the Admin. This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.