Race, Genes and Intelligence

Before we begin, please note that every effort has been made to ensure this article is both informative and widely accessible to an audience with no scientific background. If you feel this article could be changed to accommodate a wider audience, let me know in the comments.

It is also important to remember that this is not an exhaustive study on race and intelligence – it is an attempt to prove a link between the two.

Racism is an ugly thing – there is no doubting it. For millenia, it has driven humans to war, slavery and genocide. But how useful is race, when it comes to comparing the skills and weaknesses of two different groups of people? Fairly useful. Of course, no two individuals could be compared using this method – there are outliers of all races. But when it comes to comparing two different populations, race is an important factor to consider.

Before we begin, we must remember that human races are not unambiguous, and that classifiers such as ‘white’, ‘black’ and ‘asian’ come from humans, and not from nature. This does not mean race cannot be useful for determining differences between groups, however.

One of the most commonly cited statistics on this topic is IQ. For this analysis, we will use data collected from the United States, where studies are most numerous. One of the most comprehensive studies done on IQ differences between racial groups is Ruston and Jensen (2005), which examined thirty years worth of research done on racial differences on intelligence and cognitive ability. This single article could not possibly cover all the data in this study without being obnoxiously long, so we will focus on the main points. Using data from The Bell Curve, Ruston and Jensen demonstrated the differences between self-identified racial groups in the United States:


It is important to remember that the overwhelming majority of Jews in the United States are Ashkenazim. Other Jewish groups do not display this remarkable intelligence.

Ruston and Jensen found this disparity between races persisted not only at the national level, but also at levels of higher education. According to a meta analysis they cite by Roth, Bevier, Bobko, Switzer, and Tyler (2001), the black-white gap was found in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and tests conducted in the military.

IQ is highly heritable – up to 75% heritable in adult whites, according to a study conducted by an 11-person task force of the American Psychological Association. Simply put, smart whites have smart kids. Of course, upbringing matters, as we will see later. But the ‘blank slate’ hypothesis – the theory that low IQ in some groups is caused by poor quality upbringing – is bunk. Races are linked to genetic traits, and while these traits can be shared amongst populations by miscegenation, this is an undesirable form of genetic and heritage destruction.

Another popular method of measuring intelligence is using cranial capacity, or the total volume of the brain. Rushton and Jensen cites a study done on over 6,000 U.S. military personnel, measuring brain volume. This study took into account gender, body size, sex and rank. I have contrasted the results of this study with the IQ results found in The Bell Curve, to produce the chart below:


For those who don’t know, R² is the square of the correlation coefficient. It represents the percentage of variation in one variable that is related to the variation in another. This means that 73.4% of all the variation between the three points is related, indicating a strong positive correlation.

The size of a human’s brain is indisputably genetic. While it is important to remember that a larger brain does not equal a smarter human – in fact, some people can suffer mental defects due to abnormal brain size – the positive correlation here lends significant support to the hypothesis that genes play a part in determining the intelligence of different groups of people.

When we examine the genetic makeup of different races, single-nucleotide polymorphisms, henceforth referred to as SNPs, are a good example. The name should be understood in two parts – single-nucleotide, unsurprisingly referring to a single nucleotide, which is a monomer in DNA, and polymorphism, meaning a mutation that can take multiple forms. An SNP is a mutation in a specific nucleotide that appears in a noticeable portion of the general population. So while most people have nucleotide X at point A in a specific gene, some have nucleotide Y at point A in a specific gene. This will produce a different allele, or variant of a gene

Why is this important? Because some SNPs are linked to intelligence. SNPs actually play a huge role in a person’s likelihood of developing certain traits and afflictions, since they affect the proteins our body produces. The first paper to make a link SNP prevalence and racial groups was written in 2015 by David Piffer of the Ulster Institute for Social Research. The results of the study are shown in the graph below. The percentage indicates the prevalence of the allele in each group.


It should be noted that the IQ range of Africans includes Afro-Caribbeans and African-Americans. If these groups are excluded, the IQ range drops to 62-74.

A pattern is clearly visible – the two alleles negatively correlated with intelligence are most prevalent in the group with the lowest intelligence. Since genes are passed on to offspring, the offspring of these two groups will inherit these low-intelligence genes. This allows us to predict that the current low intelligence population of some races will persist through generations, assuming no racial admixture (which is unlikely in reality).

Earlier on, we mentioned that the ‘blank slate’ hypothesis had no basis in science. We will now explore why, using studies of adopted children – black, white and mixed. For our data, we will examine the infamous Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study. This study examined the IQ’s of over 130 black, white and mixed race children, adopted by white middle class parents. The resulting IQ’s are shown below:


A clear pattern is visible, both before and after the children mature. The results show that while the average black IQ was higher than the general population, this did not prevent the appearance of a clear IQ gap between white, mixed and black. The same result is seen in terms of academic achievement. The average white IQ was also higher than the national average, for both the adopted and non-adopted groups.

From this data, and the genetic samples before it, we see that the ‘blank slate’ theory is ungrounded in reality. We can also see for ourselves the destructive effects of miscegenation. No matter what combination, the intelligence of the child will never be as high as both its parents.

Most interesting of all is the fate of mixed-race children, who are demonstrated to average in between.. Black African-Americans have a white admixture of approximately 20%, meaning approximately 20% of their genes come from whites. This explains their higher-than-african IQ of 85 compared to 70.

All too often, this genetics-based approach of measuring intelligence is compared to pre-20th century  pseudoscience, where lurid claims of things like Africans being tanned black by the sun, or blacks being descendents of Ham, Noah’s son cursed by God, were all the rage. Pre-20th century, however, was a long time ago. Back then, nobody even knew what genes were – many assumed different races had different innate traits, and that intelligent blacks could not exist. Science has advanced, in nearly all areas, but the racial taboo had prevented research in this field from progressing.

And we pay for it. Crime rates amongst blacks in America are eye-watering. According to FBI arrest statistics, in 2011 blacks accounted for:

  • 48.7% of all homicide arrests.
  • 32.9% of all forcible rape arrests.
  • 55.6% of all robbery arrests.
  • 33.7% of all aggravated assault arrests.
  • 31.7% of all burglary arrests.
  • And 28.4% of all arrests.

All the while accounting for, according to the 2010 census, a mere 13.6% of the population.

I will say again – I do not hate blacks, or anyone of any race. I do not believe, however, that they belong in white countries. Africa today is crippled by ‘brain drain’ immigration, and in opposing racial separation, mainstream politics today works to deprive Africa of its independence and most valuable members of society, while simultaneously supporting murder, theft and rape in their own countries. Sometime, soon, this madness has to end.

Left, the skull of an aboriginal australian. Right, the skull of a caucasian.

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      It’s not a pleasant truth, yes, but it is still the truth. We can either act on it, or we can ignore it. If you would like to debunk any of my claims, feel free to do so.


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