Too Little, Too Late

Richard Spencer, of the NPI, is widely considered a leading figure in the alt-right

Earlier this week, Donald Trump publicly disavowed the alt-right movement, in response to a widely circulated video showing prominent white supremacist, president of the National Policy Institute Richard Spencer shouting ‘Hail Trump’, ‘Hail Victory’ and giving a Nazi salute. If this was an attempt to undermine the entire movement, it couldn’t have been better planned. Indeed, Richard Spencer may have just killed off not only the alt-right movement, but also the growing white nationalist movement in America.

This is part of a larger problem with the term ‘alt-right’. Sure, it sounds nice, and certainly sells better than ‘White Nationalist’. But the term ‘alternative right’ is far too vague. Technically, it means anyone on the right of the spectrum who rejects mainstream conservatism in their country. Pro-choice Republican? Alt-right. Anti-austerity Tory? Alt-right. Neo-Nazi? Alt-right. One bad apple spoils the bunch, except in this case the bunch is still fighting over what they really stand for. I have heard proclaimed members of the alt-right claim they are white nationalists, civic nationalists, anti-Semitic, Jewish, anti-Gay, pro-Gay and every possible combination of these.

Because Richard Spencer is widely viewed by some as an alt-right leader, this incomprehensibly stupid stunt will undoubtedly influence public opinion of the alt-right and it’s associated movements. It’s difficult to defend a movement if it becomes linked to Nazism, especially in countries like Germany, where public display of Nazi symbolism is illegal, and expression of such views is repressed, and where our movement is arguably needed more than ever.

But it is not possible to blame Donald Trump’s abandonment of the alt-right on Richard Spencer’s actions. The simple truth is that Donald Trump has never been on the side of American white nationalism. If anything, he played them for votes. By playing cat-and-mouse with his views on race – tweeting (admittedly falsified) black race crime stats one day, calling out to his ‘African-American’ the next, he was able to appeal to alt-right voters and simultaneously deny accusations of racism. And there were a lot of accusations of racism, demonstrating once again that the American left truly believe they can slay any opposition by playing their beloved race card.

Of course, if you voted for Trump, you were entirely justified in doing so. His policies were the only ones that would have been a move in the right direction for white America. A ban on Muslim immigrants, the construction of a border wall, a blanket ban on Syrian refugees and the deportation of 11 million illegal hispanic immigrants would have increased America’s white majority significantly – if, indeed, he had any intent of doing any of these things. Already, Trump has backed down on most of these policies – before he was even elected, during the presidential debates, he openly admitted that the Muslim ban was no longer in effect, and following his election, stated that ‘certain areas’ of his proposed wall would consist of mere fencing. This web of campaign devices is likely to grow larger and larger, and all the while, Trump voters will doubtlessly feel like they got screwed.

Trump is, of course, the lesser of two evils. His border wall (or fence) will at least limit 151022-hillary-clinton-benghazi-testimony-1025a_aebe8965efa10c2351275e6021f30512-nbcnews-fp-1200-800illegal immigration somewhat, and his plan for mass deportations appears to be going through as planned. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic establishment candidate, is one of the most prolific liars in the history of American politics. From Benghazi, to her emails, to her policy stances in the past, nothing is sacred. Any other American would have been arrested – but it appears justice is not served to the wealthy American elite, much like throughout the rest of the world. She has, in the past, expressed a desire to see the Northern American hemisphere as an ‘open market, with free trade and free borders. The destruction – both economic and cultural – Mexican immigrants would wreak as they  moved to settle in the wealthy USA and Canada is horrific to consider.

And Trump had his faults. His seeming desperation to foster a US-Russian alliance – even going so far as to recognize the results of the widely disputed 2014 Crimean referendum, when US policy has always been that the annexation was illegitimate. While Crimea is arguably culturally Russian land, it is also a strategically important peninsula, and Americans deserve better than to be represented by a leader willing to make unfair compromises on the international community’s behalf. His brash, confrontational style could also damage America’s international reputation, if he is unable to keep it in check. But for a white nationalist, he was the first step toward turning the tide.

Unfortunately, it might not be enough. America faces an identity crisis, as hispanic birthrates and migration explodes, and white birthrates drop. The graph below, composed using statistics from the US census bureau, shows a projection of America’s racial makeup in the years 2010-2050. Though the change in the black population is relatively small, the hispanic and asian populations are set to nearly double. While some hispanics are white, they do not share America’s cultural heritage, and for them to displace whites is nothing short of the cultural death of a nation.


Trump’s initial, radical proposals to deport every single hispanic illegal would have surely halted this march. But it seems that more radical action will be required to ensure the survival of white identity in America, radical action that Trump does not appear to be willing to provide.

So what could be done? The clock is ticking, down to the day when whites are no longer a majority in the United States, when a pro-white politician will become unelectable. While Trump may have fallen back on several key promises, his decision to deport 3 million illegal hispanic immigrants is a start, but so much more is needed.

What could the next step be? Halting immigration from non-white countries would be politically impossible. A subtle eugenics program (such as one based on IQ) would never pass. A ban on immigration ‘unstable’ countries? Perhaps. Many non-white nations suffer from political infighting and war. Mexico is by far the largest place of origin for American legal immigrants, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Ending immigration between the United States and Mexico could be done on the basis of drug control. Mexico has an enormous drug problem, with heavily armed cartels waging all-out low-intensity warfare against the government, often using American arms. A travel ban would cut the flow of drugs north and cut the flow of weapons south. All in all, it could prove to be a positive thing for both countries – the United States makes the first steps towards retaining it’s identity and combating drugs, and the Mexican government would be able to crush the drug cartels infesting their country.

Race is the ultimate political landmine – one wrong step is suicide. Shifting the Overton window takes time  – sometimes generations. America, you must act quickly if you seek to save your nation. While it is dirty politics to support a measure for an undisclosed reason, it is sometimes more than justified to give a country a future.


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