Before we begin.

I am not a white supremacist.

I recognize differences in averages between different racial groups. I do not think whites are the ‘master race’. Nor do I think that whites should dominate other races, or enslave them, or exterminate them. I am not, and never will be, a violent person.

That being said, I do believe in differences between races. Who wouldn’t? The first Homo sapiens migrates out of Africa 100,000 years ago. The human race first reached Asia 60,000 years ago. In that time, separated human populations underwent dramatic changes, from the colour of their skin, to the shape of their skulls, to their average cranial capacity. The suggestion that different, isolated groups of human beings could stay apart for tens of thousands of years, yet all retain the same IQ, or the same cranial capacity, is simply absurd.

So why did these differences arise? It was circumstance. The environment in which these early humans found themselves in greatly shaped their evolution. A more fertile enviroment produced more industrious people. Those in harsher climates fared worse. After all, nobody would deny that the Alps protected the fledgling Roman Empire from the north, enabling it to grow into an ancient superpower that would go on to crush its opponents and dominate the Mediterranean coast, and most of Europe.

Of course, there is no innate difference between people of different races. We just form different genetic clusters.

Below is a map of the world, showing the IQ of the indigenous population. East Asians – Chinese, Koreans and Japanese – score the highest. Western and Eastern Europeans follow suit, then Greeks and Turks, matched with Indonesians. Then Arabs, Indians and Berbers, matched with indigenous Americans. Finally, the Sub-Saharan Africans, trailed by the Aboriginal Australians and finally the indigenous population of Botswana, the San people, also known as Bushmen or Pygmies.


An  IQ difference of 49 points – that is the difference between the average Bushman and the average Chinese. Of course, this is not universally true; there are unintelligent Chinese and intelligent Blacks. But there is still an enormous disparity between the intelligence of the two. Is it really a surprise, then, that China and Europe are today known as ‘cradles of civilization’,  whereas many Africans were still using stone-age technology when they were happened upon by explorers?

There is an enormous amount to talk about on the subject of race, but this post is not the place for it. It is for me to say: I am not irrational. I do not hate anybody. Please approach this topic with an open mind, and don’t fear changing your opinions, even about a topic as universally controversial as this one.


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